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Face Masks

A brand-new trend for unusual face masks against viruses, caused by the epidemiological situation in the world, has remained popular for a long period. Original design, bright pattern, cool prints – all this creates an attractive accessory for any occasion. During quarantine, personalized face masks are a mandatory attribute of everyday life in the fight against coronavirus. We offer to make life a little more comfortable and diverse. You can order the best ready-made designs from our catalog or send your customized mask layout. This is a funny option for embodying creative ideas, sewing designer models or gifts, for corporate or other events, official ceremonies, promotions, holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and all that jazz.

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Where Should You Buy the Best Personalized Face Masks?

A reusable face mask with embroidery is excellent protection against smog, pollen, and other external factors. Don't be like everyone else! Stand out from the crowd and apply the unique inscription to the mask by means of our custom face mask maker. We print company logos, monograms, photographs, author's drawings, and texts on masks. Would you like to be inspired by fashion designs? View the catalog with ready-made summer and winter prints.

The Things Engraved online store catalog contains a wide range of adults and kids anti-covid reusable masks. The products are made of a two-layer material with a cotton inner coating and a denser polyester upper. The fabric perfectly passes air, and a long stay in it does not cause discomfort. The stylish cotton mask of our production does not differ in quality from medical analogs. The prints on the crown protectors are made with eco-friendly inks that are safe for health. Pictures do not lose color after washing, and the fabric does not shed.

Why Choose Things Engraved?

Our personalized face masks cover the nose, mouth, and entire lower face. Such masks do not belong to medical devices, but serve as a mechanical barrier between the face and the environment. The Things Engraved online store is characterized by the following qualities:

• Own production and designers;

• Convenient graphic editor;

• Quality assurance and prompt delivery.

In addition, wearing an engraved mask makes it easier to control yourself and avoid touching your nose and lips with your hands when you are out of the house. The accessory does not have to be monochromatic: we have put together a collection of customized face masks with designs and ideas for you. Besides, we offer free customization and different options for personalized face masks, such as custom face mask maker, embroidery, engraving, art, and design.

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