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Sweet Basket III with Custom Stemless Wine Glass

SKU: 210001-126
4.2 /5 based on 4 customer reviews

Description: Go big with this awesome Sweet Gift Basket that will impress anyone with a sweet tooth. With the variety of our ingredients, you know you can trust this one to be a choice for families and larger groups too! It includes: Maple Caramel Corn Red, Milk Choc Almond Tote, Maple Crunch Truffles, Ice Wine Candy Pillow, Milk IceW Choc Pillow Box, Dark IceW Choc Pillow Box, Assorted Choc Mini Box, Maple Choc Pillow Box, Butterscotch Pillow Black, Maple Choco Bar, 73% Dark Pairing Bar, Yogurt raisins tote. Also includes a 19oz stemless wine glass with custom engraving.
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