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Water Pitcher & Fruit Infuser - Bali

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  • 1500 ml / 50 fl. oz. capacity
  • BPA-free
  • Filter lid
  • Personalize the side of this travel mug with vertical or stacked lettering

Description: The Bali is perfect for adding extra flavour to your water so you can enjoy a refreshing drink without the added sugar from store bought sodas and juices. It has a filter lid that will allow you to pour your infused water without letting your fruit into your glass. The Bali is made from borosilicate, heat-resistant glass. The silicone base adds extra protection to the bottom of the glass pitcher and allows Bali to sit securely on your kitchen counter. Bali’s fully stainless-steel lid is held securely by a food-safe silicone band which keeps the liquid contents safely inside the glass body.

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